Pro-tip: If you have enough time to stand in line for 2 days to get yourself a fancy new iPhone - you should probably be doing a little more with your fucking life.


Our society is a meticulously structured labyrinth of power plays enacted by a privileged aristocracy of tyrants.  We are subjected to a system of obedience conditioning through religious indoctrination, corporate advertising, mainstream media, the public school system, nationalist propaganda, as well as the neurotic behavior of our own defeated parents, hence anxiety and depression becoming the overarching experience for most people.

We are so conditioned to accept that we forget our ability to reject, and mistake options asserted as the only options.  People confuse submission with destiny, and opt for denial or methods of escapism to cope with their agonizing repression, rather than channeling the pain of their oppression to inspire initiative for transcendence.


I love the fact you folks enjoy the delightfully random idiocy that leaks out of my brain each day.

The fact you are following along makes me happy. 

I choose every one of my followed blogs very carefully and get a ridiculous amount of enjoyment out of them - so I’m thankful for your attention. 

I don’t know about any of you - but when I ‘lose’ followers I am legitimately intrigued as to why.

Is it just Tumblr just being a douche and removing random followers? I have discovered a few of my favourites were unfollowed and happily followed them again when I noticed - but sometimes it takes a long time to figure that out amongst the sea of digital excellence my attention drowns in each day. 

I mean - I know this here is the interwebs and “not giving a fuck” is a valuable currency around here - but I am genuinely curious as to why that number drops!

Was it ME? Something I said? Didn’t say? Implied? I’d love to know. 

So listen, by all means when you are about to unfollow me - feel free to drop me a line with some kind of scathing and/or disparaging review of whatever it was I did to piss you off.

That would be great.

I mean I genuinely hope you stay… even all you porn blogs… but if ya gotta go - it’s been super having you along this far. 

Thanks for stopping in!

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