I remember when I used to make art and learn now I just waste my time and try to not think too often


What do you try to not think about? 

I can’t think of much that I try not to think about, really… nothing I’d go so far as to hashtag about, anyway. 

I mean - there are some truly regrettable things that I have done in my limited time spent wandering this god forsaken planet of ours but I choose not to dwell on those… the odd stab of embarrassment and shivers of abject humiliation are what I get for thinking about that shit.

So I don’t - there is no try. (It’s actually remarkably easy.) 

…and, I mean - of course, there are some truly impossible memories of loss - like the death of my little brother 6 years ago, I remember it all with clarity - but I don’t ever regret thinking about that. It makes me sad, but of course it does: it is sad. Fuck this whole entire universe somedays, man. 

Still, apart from some rather spectacular failures - I’m doing awesome.

I love me. 

Life is far more enjoyable than not, and I am surrounded by excellent people (both online and off) with whom I exchange love and a true sense of community with. Considering all the fuckery that pollutes our existence - I’m reasonably happy, with moments of anger, insanity and feelings of being vastly overwhelmed

: )

Good luck on your test tomorrow. 

OH, and you should do some art. I don’t even know what kind of shit you do, but if you miss it - do it.

It will make you happy…

…and happy is good. 

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